Piece(s) for Peace

I’ve been away fighting internet wars with conservatives. We’ve had an election, a result of that election, and the world is still in a state of decrepitude. But why hasn’t music fixed this yet?

Part of my research for this blog is finding things to disagree with; a task which is incredibly easy. I simply log on to Facebook; a harrowing glimpse at the fringes of pre-zombie-apocalypse society and what they think about the new Ghostbusters film. It doesn’t take long for something to pop up in my feed (usually a meme) that will incite blood-boiling fury. Not all of these are noteworthy; memes come and go. Sometimes I’ll share a meme just to provoke the same reaction that I have with all of your dumb memes; and it always works. I can hear the click-clack of keyboards, as I put on my devil’s advocate costume (it’s just a plain white t-shirt actually).

But this…

Can’t even see the band

…  is the worst. Words have failed us for centuries, true; but music has yet to say anything. “But the songs speak to me,” you whine. No. No they don’t. Lyrics maybe. Unadulterated music though says nothing in any language. The limitations that music has as a method of communication far outweighs its abilities to communicate on any level.

Given that fact, I challenge any composer or songwriter around the world to write a piece of music that will end wars, end racism, end sexism, and end the prominence of Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump in the media. You will be rewarded with a certificate that says ‘Peacemaker’ and it’ll have your name surrounded by glitter, plus credits for any supplementary honours you may receive from peace orginisations or tertiary institutes. This challenge is legitimate. I will be at Officeworks hunting down appropriate quills, parchments and adhesives this evening.

Having said all of this, it’s important to acknowledge that peace will unlikely be achieved in our lifetime, and possibly in the lifetimes of several generations after we pass. So, be realistic about you expectations of what music can and cannot do.






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